Tantra, Vol I, The Whispering Transmission

This book explores one of the most attractive, controversial and revolutionary ways of life of mankind: Tantra, a path of spiritual awakening taking its root some 7000 years back in India and which does not separate sex and enlightenment, but embraces them as one.

The author is investigating the depth of this mysterious Path by narrating the true story of a young Tibetan woman Pema, who, through various initiations, becomes disciple of the Indian Tantric Master: Leela. The story offers two perspectives of Tantra; the one from the Master and the one from the disciple, which makes the book very rich of wisdom, insight, break-through experiences, intense emotions, playfulness, sensuality.

On the side of this spiritual adventure, there is a step by step guide into Tantric Meditation for individuals and couples to be able to lift up their life energy to a blissful sexuality, to a fulfilling relating, and the highest level of consciousness and love.

The book contains four parts:

- Breath-taking authentic story of a Tantric Master and her disciples
- 27 guided Tantric meditations illustrated with full page color pictures
- Pictures by Arjun Roodink and love sutras
- Bonus Chapter: Sarpa-Vid Initiation
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Auteur_Achternaam..: Gitama
Auteur_Voornaam....: Pema
Omslag.....................: Paperback
Taalcode...................: Engels
Druk..........................: 2
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